Primary School


Our educational offer

In the first grades the classes are held in groups of around a dozen and led by two teachers simultaneously. While one of the teachers conducts the lesson, the other oversees and helps each child individually.

From the second grade we definitely develop the children’s independence. The supporting teacher is engaged only when it is necessary.

The school offers a wide range of child-care activities. On parents’ request we can receive the children from 6.30 am and organize their time until 5 pm. We work in home-like conditions. The students keep their personal things and books in their own lockers.

The children learn to communicate in foreign languages with the use of active methods (games and plays). The computer classes are held in a modern classroom with Internet connection. We also pay special attention to the cultural education — we teach the children good manners, we go to cinema, theatre, opera, philharmonic, museum.

We personalize the education: develop skills and compensate difficulties. The children can do their homework in the clubroom, assisted by the teacher. We quickly diagnose students’ difficulties and problems, and propose specific solutions to their parents. We offer educational, dyslexia, posture defects and speech therapies.

The children participate in rhythmic-dancing classes, sing and learn to play instruments. We put emphasis on physical culture, too. Apart of physical education classes, the students can develop their fitness in the following sections:

  • ballgame,
  • motion games,
  • swimming lessons.

For outdoor education students go to the school’s ranch in Vistula Landscape Park near Ostromecko.

We stay close in contact with the parents by frequent meetings, phone contact and a virtual register which shows real time progress of each student.

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