High School


The staff at Sokrates High School in Toruń is composed of a group of highly qualified teachers of different ages, with varied teaching experience and diverse temperaments and who have one thing in common – their calling is working with youths.

These are people who possess extensive knowledge, who are demanding and at the same time receptive, and who are kind and dedicated to their students, whom they treat as equal entities in their teaching as well as in their upbringing. They are trustworthy and you can always turn to them with whatever is troubling you.

Teachers heading Cambridge classes are highly qualified specialists who are developing their educational careers under the supervision of the University of Cambridge. Having undergone various international courses and vast training, they are in a position to help the school and its classes bring into effect the ideal that is international solidarity. All teachers finished two specializations and earned at least a Master’s degree. Our staff also includes native speakers from Australia, Canada and the USA.

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