High School


Sokrates High School enrolment

The right to apply for enrolment at Sokrates High School have all junior high students who will in the current year receive a certificate of completion of any given junior high school.

  1. Students interested in enrolment at Sokrates High School shall make an appointment by telephone to meet with the school’s director while accompanied by their parent(s).
  2. The purpose of the meeting is to get to know the candidate who wishes to study at our High School.
  3. The decision to accept a candidate is made during the meeting, after a diagnostic and linguistic test and a conversation in English.
  4. After expressing the desire to learn at our school, an agreement is signed by both parties. The agreement is complemented by a payment of the registration fee.

Application and registration

The following documents are required to apply at our school:

– questionnaire (form is available at the school or for download)
– four photos – certificate of results from the Ninth Grade Test (in Polish system)
– certificates of additional achievements, interests and abilities
– certificate of completion of junior high school
– health card from previous school.

The documents outlined in the first two points shall be submitted to the school’s Secretary’s Office in Bydgoszcz, at 8 Dąbrowskiego Street, telephone number 519 841 449. The remaining documents shall be submitted upon the completion of junior high school. Everyone is welcome to make an appointment for an individual meeting during which all important information can be provided!

Adaptation camp

Every year, around the turn from August to September, we organize an Adaptation Camp for our newest students. The camp’s location is the school’s tourism base in Rafa near Ostromecko. In the solitude of the forest and far from the bustling city, the school children have the opportunity to get to know each other, make new acquaintances, meet their new teachers for the first time and even spend some time with their new educators. A bountiful program of integrative field activities allows the students to get to know each other in various scenarios. The camp is concluded with a bonfire to which also the parents of the new students are invited, making it the setting for the first parent-teacher conference. The bonfire is also an occasion for informal meetings in a friendly atmosphere.


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