Our Schools

Our vision and mission

Sokrates International Schools consistently aim to build an inclusive culture of learning that inspires and challenges every individual to develop to their full potential and be active and responsible participants in our global society.

Vision – to be an outstanding, responsive and thriving school.

Mission – work collaboratively to inspire learners to develop their full potential.

Our Goal

In a rapidly changing society shaped by globalization, the liberalization of knowledge and the rapid speed of innovation cycles, education and preparation for the life take on an ever grater importance. Intercultural understanding, critical thinking, problem-solving, language and communication skills, wide-ranging general knowledge, and the ability to think is an interdisciplinary manner are essential.

Sokrates International Schools offer an ideal framework for dealing with the challenges of the 21st century. It is our goal to provide our students with the skill set, attitude and knowledge required to become responsible, independent, critical-thinking members of society.

To this end, Sokrates International Schools have developed a modern, rigorous and coherent program based on an approach rich with inquiry and transdisciplinary learning. We adopt the best international and national curricula to provide a high degree of flexibility for our students and their families. We use modern methods along with an ambitious set of learning goals, to ensure best outcomes for our students.

Our school

Sokrates International School currently has 320 students from Grade 1 to Grade 12. With class sizes of approximately 15 students and a ratio of 8 students per teacher, education with a differentiated approach is at the forefront. In order to develop the quality of learning throughout all grades in a sustainable manner, SOKRATES chose a focused path of school growth, with each year ushering in the opening of a new grade. In the 2018/19 school year, SOKRATES will have its first graduating class in grade 12.

Our international school community is a dynamic resource of interesting families with different backgrounds and cultures. 18 different nationalities come together day by day, with teachers and parents working together to create the best learning atmosphere for our students.

SOKRATES combines the advantages of an international site of learning with local connections, strengthened through cooperation with significant cultural and artistic institutions in one of the most interesting district of Bydgoszcz. Our historical school building provides our educational program with extensive space and the perfect framework for an inspiring learning environment in the heart of Bydgoszcz.

A key resource of our school program is our experienced international staff. We attract qualified teachers from all over the world, who believe in transdisciplinary, inquiry-based and child-centered education.

School curricula and Diplomas

As an international school with high expectations, we chose the best international curricula from the Cambridge University as well as the local framework of education. We are proud to be certified as an Cambridge International School PL272 and a state-recognized school (Grades 1-12).

The continuity of our program from Grade 1 to Grade 12 is a key element for the learning success of our students. On the basis of a backward planning process, our curriculum is synchronized through all school departments to ensure both a smooth transition for children between the grades and a successful completion of diplomas. We implement Cambridge Primary curriculum from Grade 1 through Grade 6. The foundation of this program is inquiry-based and transdisciplinary learning. Our Primary students flourish with this program, as it cultivates their natural curiosity.

We combined the Cambridge Programme with the national curricula throughout the primary years to reflect the learning goals of our host country.

We also use the Cambridge programme as well as the national programme as the foundation of our curriculum. Grades in Junior High School are intensive course programs, leading into International Certificate of Secondary Education. In addition, all students take the national exams as a Polish equivalent. Both leaving certificates allow students to enter other schools and universities in Poland and other foreign countries.

In grades of High School, SOKRATES offers students the Cambridge Diploma, which is one of the most rigorous and respected Secondary School Diplomas due to its demanding requirements and holistic framework. In addition, the Cambridge Diploma equips our students with the necessary skills and attitudes required for success in university or vocational pursuits. We see the responsibility of our teaching reaching beyond borders of the classroom and strive to accomplish this by offering a challenging and diverse whole-day school program. In the afternoon, we offer a Co-Curricula Educational Program until 5:00pm, where students can participate in clubs, workshops or simply play with their friends. The program is an essential component for a well-rounded education and gives each student the opportunity to discover talents or explore interests and hobbies.

Our Teaching Method

As Cambridge International School PL272, we are committed to structured, purposeful inquiry as the leading vehicle for learning. The approach of interdisciplinary and inquiry-based learning is the foundation and the framework for our student-centered curriculum. Within the framework of our school program, we incorporate children’s natural thirst for knowledge from the very beginning, foster this unchecked curiosity, and steer them toward essential learning outcomes. Our students learn how to learn and how to make connections between the building blocks of knowledge.

From the moment students enter Grade 1 to the day they complete in Grade 12, we encourage them to be independent learners, to search for knowledge, question, make connections between different topics, apply what they have learned, present research results, and to develop strong confidence in exploring new ideas. We foster a problem solving attitude and set up a frame, where students have to work in collaborative teams with a focus on practical experiences. Within the safe framework created by a warm atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation, students try new activities, develop, and grow. Starting from a young age, students will experience that learning is fun and this experience will allow them to become lifelong learners, who actively shape their own lives in a confident and reflective manner.

In addition to academic growth, we focus on the social development and right attitudes of each student. Every single student is seen as a person and is taught with a differentiated and holistic approach.

We are a place, where young minds start to grow.

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