High School

Our concept

Sokrates High School is a school which has been accredited by Cambridge International Examinations as an International School of Cambridge.

Our school provides students with optimal conditions for comprehensive development and a feeling of safety and self-worth. It is a school whose graduates are proud of their individuality, they respect the individuality of others and they strive towards spiritual and intellectual development. They are also aware of and abide by social norms, they are well-mannered as well as responsible and sensitive towards the needs of others. Our graduates can handle abnormal life situations. The mission of our school is educating our students in an interdisciplinary and intercultural manner. Our goal is the comprehensive development of youths. Not only do we show our students easy methods of acquiring knowledge, we also help them in their intellectual, emotional and social development.

Sokrates High School is a school that is:

– renowned and respected,
– locally recommended,
– popular with parents and students of junior high schools.

We make an effort to distinguish ourselves from other schools through such attributes as:

– the implementation of Cambridge prestigious international programmes
– student safety and intellectual comfort
– harmonious classes
– school integration activities
– a happy and friendly staff, passionately carrying out their tasks while maintaining high expectations from their students
– an array of school events addressed to students and parents alike
– high grades on external examinations
– a student-friendly school building

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