Primary School

The advantages of our school

The advantages of our school

Private Primary School Sokrates provides:

    • caring attention,
    • mannerliness,
    • systematic cooperation with the parents,
    • the richest offer of English teaching.


    • we are a little and friendly school,
    • we provide safety and well being of our children,
    • our classes are small (10-20 students),
    • lessons are held by two teachers simultaneously,
    • the children do their homework at school,
    • the students leave their books and accessories in their lockers,
    • the school is open from 6.30 AM to 5.00 PM,
    • we develop the skills and passions in student clubs,
    • we provide all necessary help of pedagogue, therapist, psychologist and speech therapist,
    • the children can attend swimming lessons and corrective classes,
    • we teach English 6 hours a week.

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